Petr Matula
Kozlíkova 455
664 01 Bílovice nad Svitavou
Czech Republic

e-mail: matula.p[at-sign]

Map making for orienteering

All my finished projects can be found in the Maps section.

About me

  • Name: Petr Matula
  • Age: 34
  • Education: University of Land Surveying at Faculty of Civil Engineering in Brno, CZE (2008)
  • Orienteering club: TJ Spartak Adamov
  • Job: Self-employed. Map making as a full-time job.

Orienteering and also mapmaking has been my hobby since 1998 and since 2008 I have done on a professional basis. I've made more than 120 maps In Czechia, Austria, Denemark, France, Israel, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. That's more than 180 km2. If you're interested in my job, just contact me.